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Admission Criteria

1. Eligibility for Admission

1.1 General Eligibility Requirements

An applicant for the admission to any of the Bachelor Degree course offered by the College must fulfill the following requirements:
a) He should have obtained at least 60% marks in F.Sc./ ICS examination excluding sports and Hafiz - e Quran marks.
b) He should have appeared in the entry test arranged by UET Lahore for the particular academic session in which he seeks admission.
c) He should have at least 50% overall adjusted admission marks computed by giving 70% weight to F.Sc./ ICS examination result and 30% to UET Lahore Entry Test result

Students of AJK, FATA, KPK, SIND and BALOCHISTAN provinces are also eligible if they have passed FSc/ICS with 60% marks and appeared in entry test of Enngineering University of their province or NTS and making the aggregate of 50% as per formula given below.

Formula for calculating percentage:
(0.7 x % of F.Sc. + 0.3 x % of UET Entry Test) equal to or greater than 50%
d) He should be bonafide resident of area from where he seeks admission.
e) He should meet standards of physique and eye sight laid down in the medical certificate.

1.2 Other Eligibility Requirements

An applicant for admission to the B.Sc. Computer Science must fulfill the following eligibility requirement:

He/ She should have passed the Intermediate (Pre-Engineering ) examination with Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics from the Board if Intermediate and Secondary Education of Pakistan or and equivalent examination recognized by the College. However, intermediate or and equivalent examination with Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science shall be acceptable only for Computer Science. Intermediate or an equivalent examination with Physics and Statics shall be acceptable only for admission in computer Science.

To become a leading Computer Science education Institution, inculcating professionalism, mannerism and rational thinking is the vision of Sir Syed College of Computer Science


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